MHV Hi -Visible Fluorescent Nonwoven Fabrics

Mogul MHV is a fluorescent hi - visible fabric which brings a nonwoven alternative to woven and knitted materials. This patent pending product was first introduced in the nonwovens industry by Mogul
What is a High Visibility Fabric ?
A high visibility fabric is defined as one that :

  • Generates its own light to a level of brightness which allows it to be seen easily , ie it is self-luminous,and reftects light 
  • The primary purpose of high visibility material is to protect people in poor visibility environments 

Basics of visibiliy and colour

In virtually all its applications , brightly-colored , neon (fluorescent) and reflective clothing has one purpose to offer the wearer a greater opportunity to be seen.Space an object becomes visible to an observer through its reflection of light and its color , as well as the observer's interpretation of these.
In the context of high visibility apparel , conspicuity is more important than visibility. Conspicuity is defined as " the characteristics of an object , and the mental state of the observer which together determine the likelihood that the object is in view comes to the attention of the observer". For an object to be conspicuous rather than just visible, it must contrast sharply with its environment , even when this environment is changing. Spece for example, the object may need to be highly visible regardless  of the weather, which may be sunny or overcast, or the time of the day or night.
Color plays an important role in creating high visibility.Space orange lime , yellow and red are the safest colours to incorporate in high visibility clothing because human brain reacts faster to them.

Colors such as green and yellow,are increasingly being used to make workers stand out from objects such as traffic cones , which are typically colored in orange. However, green and yellow may not be appropriate in heavily wooded areas.Space similarly,red and orange may not provide sufficient contrast in an area which there are red clays or sands.

Mogul High Visibility fabrics are available in following colours ; 
Applications of high visibility materials

1 -Safety Workwear

  • railway and utiliy workers, 
  • airport ground crews, 
  • building construction workers, 
  • police, 
  • school-crossing guards, 
  • road construction and maintenance workers, 
  • emergency response personel, 
  • security personel, 
  • parking lot attendants, 
  • referees at sporting events.


2- Promotional Clothing

  • T-Shirts 
  • Sweatshirts 
  • Caps etc. 


3- Sportswear
It's applied to outerwear worn by cyclists , jaggers and others who do outdoor activities.

4- Casual wear and Fashion wear
Standards for Fabric and Clothing
ANSI/ISEA 107-1999 is the US Standart and EN 471:2003-09 is the European Standart for high visibility warning clothing.
Both standards define the performance of both retroreflective and fluorescent materials used in high visibility garments. it specifies minimum areas, and placement of materials and labeling.
Background materials must meet color, brightness and physical performance requirements including color fastness.

Highest Level of protection ( Class 3 Garment )

  • Class 3 : 0,8 m2 
  • Coats and Jackets with sleeves 
  • Coveralls 
  • Two piece combination suits 


Intermediate Level of protection ( Class 2 Garment )

  • Class 2 : 0,5 m2 
  • Sleeveless waistcoats 
  • Tabards 
  • Bib and braces trousers 


Lowest Level of protection ( Class 1 Garment )

  • Class 1 : 0,14 m2 
  • Waistband trousers
  • Class 1 : 0,14 m2 
  • Waistband trousers


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