Meltblown products are used in filtration applications since their fine fibers provide high filtration efficiency. PBT products, when compared to PP, allow filtration at significantly higher operating temperatures and also exhibit stronger resistance to organic solvents and fuels.
PBT finds extensive use in vehicles and heavy equipment as filter media for hot and aggressive hydrocarbon fuels and oil. Unlike PP, which absorbs hydrocarbons and swells, PBT functions well in hydrocarbons. PBT is also used to filter lubricants and coolants and also for gaseous applications such as crankcase ventilation and coalescence filters (moisture removal). The higher temperature rating is a fit for use in bag house, furnace and industrial hot air filtration applications.
Another prime use of PBT is high efficiency blood filtration to achieve high quality (blood contains undesirable water, fats, salts and enzymes) and in chemical processes and labs whenever resistance to chemicals is needed for liquid or gas filtration. 
Mogul’s heavier weight PBT meltblown fabrics can be pleated thereby creating opportunities for higher efficiency filtration.  
Mogul considers its PBT product a potential replacement for micro-glass filtration media.  
Mogul produces composite PET and PBT in SM and SMS versions.


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Filament Fineness : 0.4-0.6 denier
Core sizes : 3” (76 mm)
Max Fabric Width : 1600 mm (63’’) – single layer flat - 1560 mm (61’’) – ultrasonic bond - 1520 mm (60’’) – thermal calendar
Treatments : Hydrophilic, corona treatment and available in all colors
Max roll diameter : 1200 mm (47”)
Flat Bond : 15-400 gsm (0.44-11.8 oz/sqyd)
SMS Calendared : 30-200 gsm (0.15-5.90 oz/sqyd)
SMS Ultrasonic : 90-400 gsm (2.65-11.8 oz/sqyd)


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